Privacy Policy

LodgeAway is committed in protecting the privacy of its users. By user we mean both travelers seeking a vacation rental and our members (property owners that list their vacation rental on LodgeAway or anyone mandate for this purpose). By us we mean LodgeAway and its immediate affiliates (to see a list of all our affiliated websites, follow this link)

1. Personal Information
To follow up on your requests for our services, we need to gather some personal information about you at various times. Personal information helps LodgeAway identify who you are (information such as your name, your e-mail address, and the provided description of the property and payment methods). This enables us to process and follow up on your requests, while strictly respecting our privacy and security procedures. All collected information is processed, stored and used by us (LodgeAway) and our affiliated websites and companies. All collected information may also be passed and used by any other company acting under a contract with us. We may also use this information to enhance the presentation and organization of our services, to promote our website, provide support to users, advise you about changes and new services found on our Web site, to let you know about any special offers that match your preferences and interests or for any purposes referred to in our Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions section. We may use this information to process payments members makes to us. We may also use the service of a third-party to process payments on our behalf. This third-party, such as Paypal, has agreed to keep your information confidential. If you choose to send us personal information by e-mail or by filling out a form, rest assured that we will use the information for the sole purpose of honoring your requests and/or communicating with you and/or to send you promotional material you have requested. Access to information is limited to a group of specially designated employees, and only in the scope of their work. To prevent all unauthorized access, we also follow strict security measures for archiving and divulging the information we receive. When you register and list your property on LodgeAway or send us comments which require a return of information, your e-mail address is essential to us. Accessing our services is thus very simple. By using our site you agree that all personal information gathered by LodgeAway or its affiliates may be stored and processed in Canada or any country in which we or our affiliates, agents or direct partners maintain facilities. Although all countries do not have similar data protection laws as the ones that apply in your country, LodgeAway will take steps to ensure that the transferred information continues to be protected in compliance with the Canadian data protection laws and the hereby Privacy Policy. We will retain and keep any personal data as long as necessary for the purpose to which you consent under this Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Once the usage completed, we will delete all gathered information. Your personal information may be disclosed to local or federal authority if we, LodgeAway or any of our affiliates, are compelled to do so by law enforcement or governmental authority.

2. Cookies
When you visit our Web site, cookies may be placed on your computer hard drive. However, these files do not process confidential data in any way. You should be aware that as soon as you access our Web site, some information is automatically exchanged between your computer and our host server. Please note that this information does not allow us to identify you personally, other than in exceptional circumstances. It is needed to meet technological requirements of Web browsing. When you visit our site, the following information is exchanged between your computer and the server hosting our site:
1. 1. Your Internet domain name and the IP address through which you have accessed our Web site (the IP address is the number your Internet provider assigns to your computer each time you navigate on the internet);
2. The type of browser and operating system used to access Our Web site;
3. The date and time of access;
4. The pages you visit; and
5. If you access our Web site from another Web site (this other Web site is called the "referral site"), its address.
This exchange of information is necessary to enable our server to send you a file compatible with the computer equipment you are using. However, LodgeAway keeps confidential all of the information it requires to record the number of visitors, the most popular pages, the technology used by the visitors, the referral sites and the country of origin of visitors. This will give us important feedback for the purpose of reporting statistics.
3. Marketing and Publicity
Contact information provided may be used by LodgeAway to send you our promotions by e-mail or by other methods if needed. You will also receive our newsletters as part of our service to you. Furthermore we use surveys to collect information which will help us to improve our web site, but it is completely up to you to take part in it. If you�d like to unsubscribe your email address from our promotional campaign, follow this link. (Link to unsubscribe) LodgeAway must not be used for any reason other than to view or make inquiry to vacation rental property owners regarding your attention on rentals. We are not booking agents or representatives for owners or visitors. It is the responsibility of members of our site and the visitors who want to contact members to confirm information and approve for a reservation. We are not responsible for our member who listed his /her property in our web site or site visitor who wants to rent or get an inquiry from owners. All the information regarding properties on our website are provided by our members who own the property. We are not responsible for correctness or accuracy of the information that has been placed on our site by the owners who are our registered members. Validating all the information on vacation rental properties are up to our visitors and they are completely responsible for it.
4. Changes to this Privacy Policy
The following Privacy Policy is subject to change without notification. You have read and agreed to the above Privacy Policy.
Last updates April 15th, 2009