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Rental Owners, Get Ready For Winter

21. December 2013 | by John

The winter season can be tough time for vacation rental owners. During this season, there is not much demand for bookings and as such most of the properties are likely to be vacant. It is important to understand that in order to maximize your earnings, you will have to advertise your cottages and your services efficiently. Unless, people are aware of your offer, the type of rental you are offering, the rates and the special services; they are not likely to pick you. This is the reason you need to search the best vacation rental listing and get your cottage listed there.

Is Free Listing Useful?

There are a few websites that also offer free listing services. Some cottage rental owners believe that free listing services will not be of much help as they have a limited reach. This is a wrong assumption because the amount of reach that a free listing can have depends solely on the amount of traffic the website gets and the type of reputation that it enjoys.

We are one of the big names in the field of offering information for the best vacation rentals. If you choose our services, you are likely to find an improvement in your booking rate. This is so because a lot of people and tourists have been following our credible and informative posts. We make it a point to supply the best information and this is the reason we get a lot of traffic.

So, if you choose to opt for our free listing services, you will enjoy a lot of positive returns.

Why Is Advertisement Important?

When you have a rush season, you will find that there will be a huge demand for your rooms and cottage rentals. However, during the winter, not many people like to travel as they prefer to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth of their own home. From the perspective of cottage rental owners, you have to try your best to cater to the small percentage of people who choose to travel.

In order to ensure that you have some reservations and bookings, you will have to advertise your services. If you have a special offer or you are giving some attractive rebates, you can choose to get the details of your cottage rental listed at our site.

When the details of lucrative offers are mentioned, travelers who come to our site to check out the best options are likely to be attracted to the offers and they will opt for the same. As an owner, you have to engage in the right set of advertisement.


It is healthy advertisement and the right set of marketing activities that can boost the reputation of your cottage rental and it will turn out to be helpful for your business growth. Check out the details of our vacation rental listing services and once you are convinced that it can create a difference, you can proceed to further submit the details at our portal and enjoy the benefits roll out for you.

Rental Owners Get Ready For The Holiday Season!

14. November 2013 | by John

With the onset of November, the peak tourist season is about to start. It is December-January that is one of the busiest seasons for all those who are looking to enjoy one of the most splendid vacations.

As a result, cottage rental are likely to be filled as it is during this time of the year that most people will be in the lookout to find quality places to stay. So, if you own a property and you are looking to rent it out to make some good cash, it is important that you advertise your property in an efficient manner.

How Can We Help You?

Until and unless tourists are aware of the presence of your rental, how are they going to make reservations? We offer free listing service and we are one of the most reliable sources for travelers and tourists. The kind of reputation that we enjoy among tourist is impeccable. This is because our information is accurate and we offer reliable and useful facts that help people in planning the details of their trips with immaculate precision.

So, most people who are looking for an efficient vacation rental listing are likely to head over to our site and find out the best choices that they have at hand. As a property owner, you need to engage in rigorous advertising and marketing. 

When you are looking for an ideal vacation rental listing website, you should choose such portals that attract ample traffic. Although, it may be a little hard to figure out; but you should analyze the amount of useful traffic that the portals are getting. Useful traffic infers to the amount of visitors who actually make reservation.

What is the use of free listing of your property if those sites fail to make any conversions for you? With this peak travelling seasons about to begin, you can make good inroads into your business, if you advertise the details of your property meticulously.

We Can Make A Difference

We are one of the finest sources for cottage rental listings and the fact that we offer free listing service makes us one of the top choices among a lot of properties owner. When you get your details listed at our site, you are likely to receive a plethora of orders and this is bound to impact your business in a positive manner.


If you are one among those who still hasn’t managed to get advanced bookings even up till now, you must begin your advertising campaign at the earliest. The more you advertise, the better the odds of cashing on the benefits of peak travelling season. With free listing services, you have got nothing to lose. You might end up having one of the most profitable seasons so far. So, try your luck and be hopeful of having a hugely profitable holiday season.

Early Booking Vacation Rental For New Years

5. November 2013 | by John

With Christmas and New Year round the corner, most people are busy planning their vacation. Those who love to travel are likely to plan trips all round the year; however, even the ones who have a tight schedule and do not travel often, wait for the New Year holidays to plan a vacation.

Plan Beforehand

Although, you can find a lot of cottage rentals, still, it is advised to make your bookings in advance. As Christmas- New Year stretch is a busy time for travelers and there is a huge rush as people are looking to spend some quality time to enjoy their trip, it is likely that you are going to find almost all the top vacation rentals already booked and filled.

When you are making your bookings beforehand, not only will it save you from the unwanted and unnecessary troubles that emanate because of not finding a cottage to stay, but at the same time, you will be able to economize your lodging expenses too.

Procrastination your trip planning during the festive season can turn out to be an extremely flawed decision as you may find yourself stranded in the place with no chalet rentals available to stay.

Even those who work at offices get a leave during this season and so it is the ideal time to explore the scenic extravaganza and stay at some of the finest cottage rentals. As so many people venture out to celebrate their holidays in style, most of the cottages get booked in advance because no one wants to mess up their holidays by not having a place to stay.

Economize Your Expenses

If you are a smart traveler, you will already be aware of the fact that when the rush is high and there are a lot of people who are looking to make bookings, the prices tend to inflate. If you want to ensure that you do not end up paying more for the sake of getting a room at the last minute, you should start making your bookings now.

It is the deal time to explore the unending options that you have and then choose the best chalet rentals that will give you the austere blend of perfect ambience, breathtaking beauty and the right rates.

Have A Wonderful Holiday With Prior Planning

Those who make all their travel arrangements ahead of time enjoy the best possible vacation. They do not have to be bothered about going from one place to another in order to find out the best vacation rentals which look to be the ideal choice.


Our cottage rentals are such that you will be able to cherish your time and make wonderful memories that will last with you forever. So, if you are planning a tip during this festive season, go ahead and book the best chalet rentals right now. You will get the best deals and when the time comes to pack your bag and baggage, you will be able to smile and be happy as you can solely concentrate on finding the right activities that will make your trip wonderful in ways more than one.

Passing A Halloween In A Canadian Chalet

3. October 2013 | by John

Canada is home to some of the most breathtaking sights and the best Canada chalets are sure to help people have a wonderful time. Those who are looking to spend their Halloween in one of the most exciting manner should go through the top Canada cottages and chalets where they can stay and make everlasting memories.

Those who are looking for the best Halloween activities which will help you have a phenomenal time can implement the following ideas.

Select A Haunted Theme For Your Cottage Rental

The type of decorations that you are putting in your Canada chalet will help you celebrate Halloween in its true spirit. Ideally, a haunted or spooky theme shall suit the flavors of the day. Without spooky pumpkins and dark lights, Halloween will fail to entertain you in its true spirit.

So, you can decorate and deck your house by placing candles, pumpkins, dark lights, haunted costumes and a plethora of other scary themes all round the cottage.

Keep A Dress Code

Until and unless, people are dressing up like monsters, witches and Dracula, you are not likely to feel the vibrations of a Halloween party. When you are enjoying a vacation in the best Canada chalets, you should ideally keep a dress code. Different people can choose various costumes and the theme must in tune with horror ideas. When you find a lot of dark witches and bloody Dracula looming around, Halloween is going to retain its stunning appeal.

Have A Large Feast

What is Halloween, unless you have a big grand feast that will satiate the taste buds of one and all? If you want to have a Halloween party that will truly live up to the expectations, you should garnish your meals in style. Putting sauces in designs that replicate scary faces and adding garnishing that mimics monstrous design is likely to add shine to your feast.

Even when children sit down for such feast, they will be more than happy to be a part of such celebrations. Halloween is celebrated once a year and you should not leave any stone unturned to have out of the world celebrations.

The eclectic blend of scary costumes, spooky house decorations and a monstrous feast will make your Halloween celebrations complete in every respect of the word. You can paint your imagination and push it live. There is no limit to the amount of fun that you can have when you are planning Halloween activities. It is one of those festivals which both children and adults wait eagerly all round the year.


When you are vacationing at the best Canada chalets, you have the liberty of implementing some of the most creative methods that can help you celebrate the day in a style that is unique in itself. Celebrate the big and small moments, share ghost stories and spread the smiles in such a way that the memories of the day will last with you not just today, but tomorrow and beyond as well. Surrounded by magnificent scenic landscape and sitting in the confines of majestic greenery, you can make your Halloween a day that you will always remember.

More Places to See Wildlife in Canada

10. May 2012 | by John

One of the world’s most “cold-kept” secrets, Canada may be endowed with weather that keeps its human population down, but this is a blessing in disguise for over 1, 400 species of animals that thrive in a country with the 3rd most fresh water and 3rd most forests in the world. To continue with our list of the Top Places to See Wildlife in Canada, here are the areas that came in a close 3rd and 4th place:

#3: Northern Canada / Northwest Territories
Certainly the most surreal experiences to be had in Canada are in its Northern regions, home to the awe-inspiring aurora or Northern Lights and, in certain areas like Yellowknife, a sun that never sets in the summer! With its vast stretches of forest, tundra, and pristine lakes, it is a land of extremes—and, accordingly, natural balance.

Animals to See in the Wild
Where there’s natural balance there’s natural abundance, and the ecological harmony of northern Canada is observed straightaway in its rare species, from white wolves and white whales to its thundering herds of bison, bears, moose and caribou. Nunavut, Canada’s largest province, is home to a herd of roughly 250,000 caribou. You can take a tour near Lake Beverly to see the herd (as well as some wolves) in summertime.

An animal seeing haven not to be missed in Canada’s North is Wood Buffalo National Park, located in northern parts of Alberta and southern parts of the Northwest Territories. It’s the country’s largest park, brimming with the world’s largest self-regulating herd of buffalo, composed of over half the buffalo population of Canada.

Where to Stay
Get a lodge or cottage that’s “dressed to the northern nines” in Churchill, Northern Manitoba. Here in the polar bear capital of Canada there’s many a cabin, lodge and cottage that would satisfy bear and Goldilocks alike, many just along Hudson Bay River. Imagine waking up and giving morning’s salutations to beluga whales, just a quick kayak trip from your front door!

If you’re looking to have the full, raw experience of the magical north, you can reserve a campsite or kitchen shelter around Yellowknife, capital of the Northwest Territories. Located in the North Slave region, with a great view of the aurora, a stay in one of these sites is sure to be both an affordable and enriching experience that will be nothing short of life-changing.

#4: British Columbia
Contrary to its reputation as Canada’s “cool” province, BC’s temperatures are mild, and its residents are welcomingly warm. It’s also the most biologically diverse province in Canada, home to three-quarters of Canada’s mammal species, and over 350 species of birds—over half of which breed nowhere else in the country.

Places to See Wildlife
The variety of landscapes present in the Cariboo Region enable a rich variety of habitats and according wildlife species. Large populations of ungulates include California Bighorn Sheep, woodland caribou, moose and mule deer. The plentiful rivers are home to a multifarious variety of waterfowl, including grebes, dabbling ducks, shorebirds and loons. You don’t have to fish around too much for lively waters in this province, and many of the Caribou Region’s large rivers host salmon, kokanee and steelhead. From July to September large salmon runs can be viewed in the Frasier, Chilcotin, Cariboo, Horsefly and Bella Coola Rivers.

Fish fanatics flock to Bella Coola, where rivers and streams flow through diverse landscapes, from glaciers to waterfalls to ancient forests. From mid-July to mid-August you can go on a special “snorkelling with salmon” tour. You can also take a tour from Port McNeil in Vancouver to see killer wales, minke whales, humpback whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dall’s porpoises, eagles, and sea lions.

Places to Stay
BC has the most luxurious homes available in Canada, and you can surely find many BC cottages that, despite being surrounded by the ubiquitous presence of Mother Nature, are anything but rustic. If Bella Coola sounded beckoning to you, there are many fisherperson-geared accommodations available in the area that pretty much do everything for you but, well, fish the fish; many rentals provide equipment, supplies, bait, and, sometimes, even coolers of beer.

This is only a small bite off the beaver tail that is Canadian wildlife, so whichever province or territory you have a mind to visit, do not only expect animals, but be forewarned of them, and make sure to acquaint yourself with their less than savoury habits before visiting a specific area, lest you become a helpless “victim to the power of nature” like so many a hackneyed Canadian writer.

Top Places to See Wildlife in Canada

12. April 2012 | by John

#1: Southern Ontario
With a full range of seasons with comparatively mild temperatures (-11 in February is the coldest average low), Southern Ontario offers the full Canadian Grade “Eh” experience!

Species to see in the Wild We from Ontario are so used to seeing some animals that we forget how lucky we are! Europeans that come to Southern Ontario delight in the abundance of Grey and Red Squirrels, as well as the fascinating flying squirrels, which are found in the Carolinian Forest, and now designated a Rare Species due to its dwindling habitat of mature hardwood. The considered lucky “white squirrels” can be seen at McNaughton Park in Exeter, Ontario.

In Southern Ontario (in areas of Elgin County especially) residents claim to have an overabundance of white-tailed deer that are so plentiful they eat up families’ gardens! Other animals are of course the ubiquitous groundhogs, as well as the less common coyotes, wolves, red foxes, possums, and chipmunks. In late summer you can sometimes be spellbound by the unforgettable experience of being passed by a cloud of millions of monarch butterflies, who gather in large groups on the north shore of Lake Erie whilst preparing to begin their fall migration. Oh, one more thing—those of you not from the area may also want to be prepared for the incredibly cute but frequently “imposing” visits of raccoons and skunks.

Places to Stay
Almost everyone who lives in Ontario has a cottage, cabin, or trailer that they visit to get away from every day life, and with good reason. Visitors to the area would feign pass up the experience of staying in a small house, chalet, or cabin, many available all along the Lake Erie and Lake Huron shorelines. Those who enjoy lakeside beaches, swimming, fishing, hiking, or simply being surrounded by the wonderful sights and sounds of nature will find that the plethora of cottage rentals Ontario has to offer confirm the proud claim that Southern Ontario truly is Cottage Country.

#2: Atlantic Canada / East Coast
Coming in at #2 is Atlantic Canada, composed of four distinct provinces all connected by their intimacy with the Atlantic Ocean, marked by unique natural wonders, breathtaking sea vistas, picturesque seaside towns and their world-famously friendly residents.

Species to see in the Wild
On Sable Island, Nova Scotia you can see what is likely the world’s largest herd of unmanaged horses, composed of over 300 wild horses of mixed breeds. You can also see harbour and grey seals. In Nova Scotia you can also spot many black bears and eastern coyotes, which can be twice the size of average coyotes found in Southwestern North America. Their size is thought to be the cause of past interbreeding with wolves as coyotes spread northward and eastward across North America. The Atlantic puffin is, surprise surprise, another frequently seen animal in the Atlantic provinces, and over 60% of its population breeds on the islands off of the east coast of Newfoundland, the province to which it is official animal. The mainland moose are also plentiful but can be a bit tricky to find, due to their thriving in remote areas with limited access. The main Nova Scotian areas where moose can be found are Tobeatic Region, Cobequid Mountains, Cobequid Mountains, Pictou-Antigonish highlands, as well as the interior of the eastern shore area.

Places to Stay
If you want to get a great view of the West Coast of Newfoundland, find an affordable cabin in Cormack, Newfoundland. You can find some of the best Newfoundland cabins just a few kilometres away from Gros Morne National Park and Deer Lake Airport, with a bounty of salmon fishing, golf, and animal spotting opportunities.

Read on for more ideal species-spotting locations in Canada!

Fall in Love With Fall on Your Next Autumn Vacation

5. March 2012 | by John

nova scotia cottagesWith the travel budgets of North Americans challenged by high fuel costs and the weakened dollar, more and more travelers are choosing the hot deals of off-season travel over the hot weather of busy season travel. Instead of feeling low about increasingly low temperatures, why not take a vacation to a wholly new environment, where you can fall in love with fall all over again, just as you did as a child. Though fall might not be steamy, the right fall vacation spot can be dreamy- and with fewer crowds, wider availability and lower rental rates, you can more fully enjoy the kaleidoscope of fall colors and activities available. Below I have harvested together colorful guides for two ideal autumn vacation destinations.

A great spot for sightseeing of all sorts, fall foliage is no exception on the long list of visual feasts to delight your eyes with in Maine. With 17 million acres of forest, vivacious reds, yellows and oranges can be enjoyed throughout the state, framing your view of breathtaking coastal vistas, scenic byways, lovely lighthouses, historic sites, and a wide diversity of wildlife unrivaled in most other states. There are a myriad of options for enjoying Maine’s visual, biodiversical, and culturally rich splendor. If you can, you should take a drive on one of the state’s designated scenic byways, take a moose spotting safari or whale spotting tour, tour Maine’s historic sites and museums, and go antiquing in one of their many fabulous shops. To take full advantage of the fall experience, be sure to visit one of Maine’s apple orchards, where the States’ beautiful fall colours serve as an ideal backdrop for apple picking or savouring a glass of fresh cider. Fall in Maine is also perfect for sublimely picturesque golfing, hiking, biking, and, of course, sampling goods from the autumn harvest. For avid leaf spotters, the prime time to visit Northern Maine is the last week in September, while Central and Western Maine is in full fall foliage in the first week in October, and Coastal and Southern Maine is most colourful in the second and third weeks of October.

Nova Scotia
For a destination with as much character as it has beauty, Nova Scotia flourishes in a fiery eruption of fall colors and activities, brimming with an overabundance of natural beauty, harvests, celebrations, and festivals in the autumn season, including everything from film festivals to Octoberfest to pumpkin racing! A fall trip to Nova Scotia wouldn’t be complete without an exploration of the world-famous Cabot Trail, where autumn leaves are viewed at optimal brilliance from late September through October. You can even find everything from quaint to prestigious Nova Scotia cottages and cabins located in Cape Breton, directly on the Cabot trail itself. In fall, deep burgundies, glittering golds, and riveting reds are appreciated not only in the leaves, but in the wines, as the Annual Nova Scotia wine festival casts its spell from Sept. 13th to Oct. 14th. The Nova Scotia wine industry benefits from the province’s ideal climate and soil conditions, favouring unique and remarkable grape varietals. During the festival you can experience the distinctive passion and artistry of Nova Scotian winemakers first-hand, taking pleasure in wine tastings, grape stomps, gourmet dinners, classes, and food pairing events. Nova Scotia’s harvest season is another perk to visiting in this season, allowing you to enjoy the variety of succulent fresh produce available at farmer’s markets, harvest festivals, and u-picks. Don’t miss out on the famous Halifax farmer’s market, the oldest in North America, and a Saturday morning favourite. Refreshing not only for their fresh sea-salt air but for their unique ethos and vibrant artistic community, Nova Scotia has an endless array of culturally enriching fall festivals to choose from. Ships Company Theatre is a lively theatre company in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, widely acclaimed for their plays and film festivals, one of which is the Parrsboro Film Festival, running an exciting, jam-packed line-up from Oct. 14th-16th. The historic town of Parrsboro is located on the beautiful Bay of Fundy shore, and is imbued with as much beautiful and diverse geology as rich historic heritage. Be wowed by the world’s highest tides, some of the best seafood you can find in the country, and some of the most scenic and comfortable Nova Scotia cottages and cabins available. The number of exciting fall festivals in Nova Scotia can’t be overemphasized, and cater to almost every imaginable taste. They include the Valley Pumpkin Fest, Maritime Fall Fair, Celtic Colors International Festival, and the Halifax Pop Explosion Music Art and Culture festival, to name only a few. Come warm up to fall with Nova Scotia’s world-famously welcoming inhabitants and exciting array of fall-related celebrations!

So, instead of mourning the end of your summer, follow thousands of years of human tradition by celebrating the beauty and abundance of fall, because as far as a fun summer is measured by leisure, recreation, and all around enjoyment of the beauty of nature, “thy eternal summer shall not fade” in the right fall vacation destination.

Ontario Family Adventure Ideas

27. February 2012 | by John

Family Adventure IdeasChildren love the outdoors. Children love to play. A province whose land is composed of 66% forest, and boasts 1/3 of the world’s fresh water, Ontario is the ultimate children’s playground, offering almost any outdoor sport imaginable. Here are some of the exciting activities you and your family can partake in when discovering Ontario, along with some of the best locations for enjoying them in the province.

Wildlife Spotting
A trip to Ontario wouldn’t be complete without catching exciting glimpses of wild animals in their natural habitat. Animal watching is an eco-friendly tourism option that Ontario is perfect for. Home to over 40 mammals, 30 types of amphibians, and more than 130 species of breeding birds, Algonquin Park is a great place to experience Ontario’s wildlife. Watch out while you are driving there; some of the best animal viewing opportunities in the area are right along Highway 60, as moose, for instance, are particularly drawn to the highway at certain times of year. You will have the most luck at spotting animals if you visit the park during the evening or, even better, early morning. Low-lying, wet areas such as bogs and beaver meadows are the preferred habit of many species and often allow for open vistas or breaks in the forest, making for ideal animal watching conditions. Algonquin Park’s interpretive walking trails can also be handy for families looking to explore Algonquin’s unique natural habitat and native species. Each trail is designed to explore a different aspect of Algonquin Park and has its own accompanying Trail Guide booklet.

Canoeing and Kayaking
With so many beautiful lakes and rivers, its no surprise that Ontario boasts the world’s best canoe and kayak waterways. And in all areas where kayaking and canoeing are popular, courses are available for all skill levels.

The Great Lakes are no doubt a “must-paddle” location for all canoe and kayak lovers. These enormous bodies of water were made famous by Canada’s famous Group of Seven painters, and continue to be a great source of inspiration and recreation for artists and nature lovers alike. The majestic, rocky shorelines, with cliffs topped with wind-tortured pines and spruce trees, all make the Great Lakes a perfectly picturesque setting for canoeing, awash with ideal paddling conditions. Though the vast lakes contain a multitude of ideal areas for canoeing or kayaking, some areas are obviously much safer than others, and it’s essential to use a guide for your first attempt at paddling on the Great Lakes. While the waters may seem calm in the morning, you may have significant seas to contend with into the afternoon.

As canoeing was originally the main source of transportation that settled our country, you and your family can learn as you paddle by taking a historic tour, following the route of the Voyageurs themselves over their famous fur trading route on Lake Superior and Georgian Bay. In Lake Huron, for instance, you can even have an authentic guided tour in a reproduction 10-passenger Voyageur canoe, where interpretive guides will discuss local history of the canoe as well as provide instructions and tips for manoeuvring canoes on “the big water.” Some of the many other great areas for canoeing and kayaking include: Hudson Bay, Ottawa Valley, and the Temagami Region.

Ontario is rivalled only by Quebec for sheer number and variety of ski options, with over 120 cross country ski areas. Though it’s usually a pricey option, families with children in grades 4 and 5 are in luck; the Canadian Ski Council offers kids of this age a SnowPass, which for only $22 will include up to three free ski passes at each and every participating ski area in the region.

One of the most popular vacation areas in Ontario, Muskoka is known for its pine trees, granite rock shores, wild life, and ski hills. Though many come here to enjoy snow sports, winter is still Muskoka’s off-season, and you can find great deals on everything from plane fare to accommodations. With up to 5 months of winter, Muskoka is able to offer some of the finest skiing conditions in Ontario. Downhill skiers love Hidden Valley, with its 100m vertical drop and 11 runs, offering courses for all skill levels, while cross-country skiers can choose from the area’s many parks bedecked with pristinely groomed trails of varying lengths. Other popular winter activities in Muskoka include pond hockey, dogsledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing, curling and snow tubing. And of course the full winter experience here wouldn’t be complete without being able to curl up in front of the fireplace at your Muskoka cottage after a long day of outdoor winter fun. Muskoka has a long history of providing great accommodations, and you are sure to be able to find a Muskoka cottage nearby any of the many slopes that will be perfectly suited to you and your family’s needs.

Whether you are coming in summer, fall, winter or spring, Ontario’s stunning natural surroundings and famously friendly inhabitants will not fail to make your vacation one that your children will soon want to repeat. Start planning your family’s wilderness adventure in Ontario today!

Beach Bliss for Adults in PEI

20. February 2012 | by John

Beach Bliss for Adults in PEIPEI’s provincial motto is Parva sub ingenti (the small under the protection of the great), and the small province is pleasantly protected by warm ocean waters, themselves befriended by pristine sand beaches that many believe to be the finest in Canada! And if its relaxing, secluded, or romantic beach bliss you are seeking, have no fear – the crowds at all the beaches here are small, and the opportunities for unique beach bumming, learning, or adventuring are great!

In Pursuit of Calm Beach Bliss
A tourist hotspot that is mercifully well preserved and quiet, all the beaches in PEI are un-crowded and clean, however, if you are looking for the most unpopulated and pure PEI beach experience, consider settling in a spot closer to the south, east, or west coasts.

If you are going to PEI with your lover, long walks on the beach here are sure to teach you that clichés express truths; nothing could be more romantic than a walk along one of the many secluded beaches on PEI’s endless miles of immaculate shoreline. Especially romantic walks are to be had in Greenwich Dunes Trail in PEI National Park and Cedar Dunes. Enjoy an uninterrupted view of PEI’s breathtaking geology and vistas, without a sound to be heard but the voice of your lover, the cries of the gulls, and the caressing crashes of the waves.

Whether you are looking for a quiet, secluded affair with your lover or simply the ocean itself, there’s one notably noisy beach that you wouldn’t want to miss. Nominated one of the 7 Wonders of Canada by CBC, The Singing Sands Beach is located at Basin Head cape. Its white sands are a wonder that scientists are still striving to fully understand, producing a “singing” or whistling sound that fascinates and woos all who walk upon it. And speaking of long, romantic walks, you can experience this popular beach the most intimately by walking along its vast expanse of white sand to Bothwell Beach(much less busy than the beach’s boardwalk). Of course, to enjoy beach side romance to the fullest, it would be a PEI pity to miss out on the view from one of many beautiful beachside cottages PEI has to offer. Many of the beachside cottages in PEI are a steal, costing an average of $1,000 per week.

In Pursuit of Clams and Knowledge
Seafood lovers adore digging for their meals on one of the many clam-laden shorefronts of PEI. Clam digging takes place at low tide and is said to be best when it’s a full moon, as that when the tide is at its lowest. Finding clams can be a bit tricky at first but once you’ve become farmiliar with the signs (telltale holes and circles clam siphons leave behind while their feeding) it becomes quite easy. Just take care to avoid crushing the shells with your shovel (especially the soft-shelled clams!) by proceeding delicately with your shovel. If you prefer some fancy fishing, head out to Morell River to find Brook Trout, Salmon, and Rainbow Trout. If you prefer to enjoy nature in a less meddling manner, there are many great bird watching beaches to enjoy the 333 species of birds found in PEI, including Cabot Park, Souris Beach, and Panmure Island. Or, enjoy taking in PEI’s unique geology and ecology to the fullest by enrolling in a guided tour with any of the many beach interpretive programs offered at PEI National Park, as well as many other beaches

As Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote in “The Island Hymn”, “Prince Edward Isle, to thee / Our hearts shall faithful be / Where’er we dwell”; and, along with possibly the littlest bit of red clay stuck to your car, you’re sure to take home with you a love of Prince Edward Island you will never forget, as well as a longing to return to it.

BC Surfing Tips and Secrets

17. January 2012 | by John

In case there aren’t enough exciting things to be able to do in one province, BC’s beautiful beaches and majestic mountain backdrops make for a uniquely Canadian surfing experience. Every year endless surfers catch a wave over to one of BC’s beautiful, and, to borrow a surfer term from the 80s and 90s, “bodacious” beaches.

Tofino / Long Beach
The most popular surfing destination in Canada, Tofino offers year-round surfing and boasts the highest mean temperature in Canada (if you need to convince any Canadian non-surfers you are traveling with that this is the place to vacation to, you might want to mention this fact!). Long Beach is a breathtaking 20-km stretch of beach between Ucluelet and Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island has a lively community of surf enthusiasts, a plethora of outdoor activities, and accommodations that range from vacation homes with indoor jacuzzis and private decks to some of the best BC cabins you can coast by, furnished with the most modern and sleek furnishings, located directly on the ocean, and surrounded by forest. The ocean temperature here hovers around 50 degrees F all year-round, and can reach up to 58 degrees F in the summer. It does, however, rain a fair bit throughout the year, so let this encourage you to wear a full body wetsuit when you’re going surfing – as Parks Canada states that the majority of people they rescue are not wearing wetsuits. On the whole, Vancouver Island has both sandy and rocky beaches, so be wary of rocky outcroppings and riptides.

Jordan River
For a more low-profile surfing experience, Jordan River is located in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, along the West Coast Road, approximately 60 km northwest of Victoria. A well kept surfing secret, it is home to some seriously surf-avid locals, forming the Jordan River Surf Club. Though waters here are too calm for surfing in summer, and the waves here aren’t nearly as consistent or big as ones you will catch in Tofino, Jordan River and the Sooke region is a favored spot for winter surfing. On occasional feisty winter days, Pacific storms kick up the surf and draw many seasoned surfers. There are three different surfing spots at Jordan River: Sewers, Rock Piles, and The Point. A slightly longer and wider than normal board with three fins is an ideal choice for these waters, making catching and controlling waves much easier in more challenging conditions. Visitors, however, should be wary that they may not encounter surfing conditions if only visiting for a couple of days.

So reserve yourself a BC cabin, strap on your wetsuit and get ready to go surfing CUSA!